Question:  How big is the cooler?

Answer:  The Creekkoolers capacity is over 30 quarts and will hold (30) 12oz cans and 20Lbs of ice. 

Question:  Is it insulated? 

Answer:  YES, over 1.5" of high quality foam-filled insulation in deck and hull.


Question:  Is the CreekKooler a PFD? ( protective floating device)

Answer:  The CreekKooler is not an approved flotation device and should not be used for safety purposes.

Question:  Where can I buy one? 

Answer:  Off the website or call 479-899-6505. 

Question:  If I order off the website, how much is shipping?

Answer:  Shipping is free via FedEx ground service to anywhere inside the continental United States.


Question:  Can it be used for dry storage ?

Answer:  Yes , the CreekKooler  is designed to be water-tight.


Question:  Can I use dry ice? 

Answer:  Yes


Question: Where is it manufactured ?

Answer: Made in the USA  designed and built by outdoor enthusiasts


Question: What is the product warranty ?

Answer: 1-year on workmanship and manufacturing defects. Return requires proof of purchase.


Question: Where can I use the CreekKooler ?

Answer: Tow behind your canoe, raft, or kayak. Also great for use in the pool, lake , boatdock , beach, fishing and camping.


Question: Can I mount a mini-flag?

Answer: YES , display your favorite flag in the specially design flaghole mount. Must use 3/16” flag shaft or smaller.


Question: Can I pull this through sand?

Answer: YES , hull has skids designed on bottom side.


Question: How do I connect to canoe or kayak?

Answer: Connect rope from stern of non-motorized watercraft to rope handle of Creekkooler. Rope handle also designed for use with caribiner.


Question: How does the lid close ?

Answer: The lid is designed with a rubber seal and uses a quarter turn to close and form a water tight seal. We’ve also included a teather string to make sure the lid doesn’t get separated and out of reach.


Question: Can I get Creekkoolers made with my company name and/or logo? 

Answer:  Yes, the CreekKooler can be customized. Call 479-899-6505 for details.