CreekKooler on Beaver Lake

CreekKooler® is not your granddad’s square, clunky cooler.

We made the CreekKooler floating cooler for you. This is today’s cooler, sleeker, more efficient and dare we say a much kooler cooler.

We’re not just changing the name in coolers; we’re changing the technology.

With its hull shaped design, the CreekKooler is geared to give you a towable, lumbar saving solution to toting that 100-pound squared-off, spine surgeon seeking cooler you’re using now.

Like a glacier in the tropics, the CreekKooler employs foam filled dual walls that hold ice for up to 2 days in 85-degree heat, allowing you to keep drinks cold all weekend.

 CreekKooler Ozark Beer Company

Saying the CreekKooler makes an impression is an understatement. This flotilla enabling, cup holder holding, American flag flying beauty is built for your whole squad. Stay in the creek, the lake or river and the CreekKooler serves up beverages from the comfort of your inner tube that your buddy Joe keeps trying to take. Get your own inner tube Joe, but here’s a cold drink for you!

And, like any good hero story, CreekKooler has a dark secret… when it’s not being used to keep drinks cold, the locking lid allows for dry storage. Did Joe tip the canoe? No worries, CreekKooler’s got you covered, sealed and dry.

Yes, you can keep using granddad’s square, terrifyingly difficult to carry cooler, or you might join modernity and get yourself a CreekKooler; maybe get one for your granddad too, or your wife, husband, son and certainly for Joe.

CreekKooler on the Hunt

Duck hunting with CreekKooler as dry storage.



Creek Kooler Haiku


The coolest kooler
CreekKooler floats and stays cold
Buy a Creekkooler


Over rock and stream
Hull of foam and streamlined shape
CreekKooler, you are


Moonlight, gazing stars
Tents standing, keep us dry, warm
CreekKooler holds drinks


Outdoorsmen rejoice
CreekKooler is man’s best friend
Who needs a dog, man


Fight the white rapids
Kayak rider is alone
Creekkooler behind

Attention: The North Pole Has Been Relocated

Today on How It's Made, we build CreekKoolers in Rogers, AR. Enjoy.